Great Australian Bight Safaris
Great Australian Bight Safaris is an internationally recognised tourism business name with over 20 years of accommodated touring experience on the Eyre Peninsula.

Whether it’s exploring the waters, encounters or the stunning national parks around Port Lincoln, travelling by 4WD along the Bunda Cliffs, Head of Bight, or exploring the South/West of Western Australia through Esperance, Albany, Margaret River and into Perth, Great Australian Bight Safaris offers an extensive range of accommodated touring experiences.
By day Great Australian Bight Safaris showcases the spectacular coastline and the grand expanse of wilderness on the land and across the sea; and by night it offers the comfort of civilization with all accommodation and meals provided on the journey. Small group (minimum 2 people) or group touring is possible with Great Australian Bight Safaris and although tours can be tailor made to suit the individual needs of the clients, the following tours have regular schedules departures.
The tours are:
-2 Day Explore Port Lincoln
-3 Day Southern Ocean Wildlife Adventure
-3 Day Eyre’s Wild West Coast Tour
-3 Day Head of Bight Whale Tour
-9 Day Great Australian Bight Tour